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Live The Life

Tips for a happy, healthy, gorgeous little dog.

Ask the Westie: How do I
prep my pup for summer sun?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Ask the Westie:  How do I prep my pup for summer sun?

Longer days are back. And more importantly to us pups, longer park hours are too. But before summer fun is in full swing, there are a few reminders that will help you keep your best friend happy and healthy. To read more detailed info from Banfield Pet Hospital, click on the links.

Even pets need sunscreen.

You say the word, and we’re out the door on a summer day. But keep in mind, that when you slap on sun block, there’s a good chance we need some too. Especially if we’re thin-haired, like a Boxer or a Pit Bull. Under our coats is sensitive skin that’s just as prone to pain and peeling as yours. Read full article

Protect our feet from the heat.

Open the door, and we hit the ground running. But if that ground is hot pavement, make sure our pads are protected. A good rule of thumb, is that if the ground feels too hot for you it’s too hot for us. Get us a pair of booties or make sure we have access to the grass. Read full article

Not all dogs can do the doggie paddle.

Most dogs like taking a dip—especially when it’s hot. But some don’t do as well in water as you might think. So when you’re on a boat, make sure we have a flotation device, too. And keep in mind that swimming pools are even more dangerous than lakes or rivers if we can’t easily climb out. Read full article

When the grill comes out, dogs go in.

I risk betraying four-legged BBQ fans everywhere for saying this, but cookouts can be a danger to us. Access to raw meats and their grill drippings present the same sanitary issues for canines as humans. Plus, it’s easy for us to overindulge with an array of unfamiliar treat givers to capitalize on. Moderation is the key. Read full article

When it gets hot, make us a pupsicle.

Kids love popsicles—and we’re no exception. So next time it gets hot, try this cool recipe. We will love you for it. Read full article

It’s cooler without a cushion.

When it’s really hot, consider removing the cushions and blankets from our bed, which tend to trap in our body heat. We’ll often take a hard surface over a soft one if it means a cool belly.

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