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Your Dog-Friendly Guide to Saint Patrick’s Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Your Dog-Friendly Guide to Saint Patrick’s Day

At first glance, you may not consider St. Patty’s Day a holiday you can celebrate with your dog. Dog lovers—and other people—have never associated this special day with their four-legged friends. But it’s always fun to start a new tradition, especially one that gives us more time with our canine companions.

St. Patty’s Day means it’s springtime:

Look out the window as St. Patty’s day draws near and chances are you’ll see evidence that spring is beginning to displace winter. Depending on where you live, you may see early bloomers popping their heads above the ground, green grass, bluer skies, longer daylight hours, and warmer breezes.

Yes, you and your furry friend have weathered another winter. Now you can stop dreaming about rambling, running, and rambunctious outdoor play—and you can start doing something about it! So, if the sun is shining on St. Patty’s Day, celebrate the season by taking your pooch out for a play session in the dog park, a hike, or just a longer-than-usual walk.

If you’re one of the lucky people who have the holiday off from work, can you think of a better way to spend it?

Strut your stuff at the parade

If your town or city has a St. Patty’s Day parade, you can make this a fun destination for you and your dog. Many dogs love the activity around a parade: many other local dogs will be there, food carts will be making the air fragrant with a wide range of delicious smells, and there’s always something new and exciting to be seen and heard.

If you take your dog to the parade, there are a few important things to remember to make this a fun experience.

  1. Make sure your dog is comfortable in active, crowded, and potentially loud situations.
  2. Keep your dog leashed and close to your side.
  3. Bring everything you need to clean up after you dog.
  4. Pack some doggie treats, food, water, and a water bowl.
  5. Pay attention to what your dog is eating—other parade goers might drop food, or even try to give your dog a snack. Some human food may give him an upset stomach, and other foods can be dangerous for your dog to eat. These include chocolate, macadamia nuts, onions and garlic, raisins and grapes, yeast dough, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, and cola.
  6. Don’t overdo it: pay attention to your dog to make sure he’s not getting too tired.

After reading this, we hope you will see St. Patty’s Day in a new way—as a dog-friendly holiday you’ll both enjoy every year.

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