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DVD's Your Dog Will Love

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
DVD's Your Dog Will Love
Movie time? Leave the choice up to your dog!

These days, there are DVDs for everyone in your family—even your dog. A quick search on the Internet reveals a wealth of titles of DVDs developed, so their producers purport, to appeal to your dog's need to be entertained.

Boob-tube babysitters (for dogs)
These titles may not be available on Netflix or via your cable services video on demand service, but you can find some on amazon.com and on their own respective Web sites:

DVD For Dogs: While You Are Gone
The producers of this DVD list the following as the "actors" in their epic: Deer, ducks, geese, wolves, prairie dogs. This video is described as "a collection of calming video and soothing sounds for the dogs we love. As your dog takes a virtual walk through the woods, it encounters deer, ducks, geese, wolves, prairie dogs, birds, horses, fish, butterflies, and more." The DVD also contains "a virtual game of fetch," and "sonic sounds only dogs hear."

Dog-On Television: Television for Dogs
Typical of this species of DVD, this title is described as "a companion for your dog while you're away!"

Dog Sitter Vol. I & 2
When your dog gets tired of watching volume 1, you can always refresh the video experience by popping volume 2 into the DVD player. Whether you decide to stay or leave the house, your dog will be kept company by the sights and sounds of large birds, raccoons, squirrels, mice, cats and dogs. "Your dog will feel like they are enjoying the outdoors from the comfort and protection of your home," the description states.

The Movie For Dogs
Boasting its own Web site (www.themoviefordogs.com), this video features scenes of dogs playing in the water, playing ball, and engaging in agility competitions. The producers state that this video is the result of "years of testing."

This is just a sampling of the DVDs that are currently available. Are they right for your dog? Will they truly keep your pet entertained should you decide to leave the room for a bit? That's something only you—and your dog—can answer.

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