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Fun Games for Four-legged Friends

Friday, July 6, 2012
Fun Games for Four-legged Friends
Dogs love going for the gold just as much as humans do.

Who says summer games should be limited to human athletes? And who says you need to travel far to enjoy them in person? Keep with the spirit of the game and host a doggie-themed event of your own with these easy and engaging ideas.

Rollerblading: Yep, you read that right. Nope, your dog won't be the one wearing the pair of wheels anytime soon. In fact, you'll be coasting along on your favorite beach boardwalk or neighborhood sidewalk with your medium or large dog pulling you along as you hold onto the leash. Invite a friend to come along with his or her dog and make a fun competition out of it. The best part? Your dog will be exercising and strengthening his muscles.

Good Old Fetch: Does your dog love running, catching, and retrieving? Perfect! Invite some two- and four-legged friends over for an afternoon of fetch. Set up your backyard and make sure there's plenty of room. Make a race out of it—see whose dog can retrieve the ball the fastest. Have gold, silver, and bronze medal prizes of your choice, but always reward your dog with a cesar® treat.

Swim It!: Ahhh, a competitive favorite. If you have a swimming pool or dog-friendly lake nearby, host a fun water race. Of course, make sure your dog is willing and fit enough to swim. You may even want to swim by his side to help motivate him. His favorite cesar® meal will be waiting for him at the finish line!

Obstacle Course: Reserve an area of your backyard for an easygoing, fun obstacle course that also helps out with your dog's agility. Set up some tunnels, dogwalks, and tire jumps. If you're budget-conscious, you can get the materials you need at a discount hardware or toy store. Make sure there's a treat waiting for your dog at each course.

If you're feeling extra ambitious and want to attract a larger crowd, contact your local dog park for permission to set up obstacles and host your own event. But above all, make sure your dog has as much fun as possible when going for the gold!

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