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Live The Life

Fun features for you and your companion.

Make Birthday Wishes Come True

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It’s that time of year again—your best friend’s birthday! Every year spent with the dogs we love just gets better and better. We know unconditional love is the best gift of all, but sometimes we want to go above and beyond to make the celebration extra special.

Here are some ideas that’ll make your four-legged friend’s special day unforgettable.

First things first.. treat!
A birthday’s not a birthday without their favorite cesar® treats at their disposal. Bring home their favorite flavors and stock ‘em in a stylish jar like this one. It’s a perfect complement to your kitchen’s cookie jar.

Make ‘em stand out
Put some extra thought into your dog’s next collar. Hook a charm to it engraved with his or her name. Make it heart-shaped, bone-shaped, or any shape that’s special to the two of you.

Ahh…Spa time
Get them all warm, bubbly, and fresh and clean with a relaxing bath. Be gentle, though. Some dogs can feel a little overwhelmed in the tub at first. But they’ll be grateful for the shiny and new coat you’ll give ‘em.

It’s a pajama party!
Remember pajama parties from back in the day? Bring ‘em back…and in style. Lots of dog boutiques have matching dog and human pajamas, like these here. Hint-hint: This also makes for a good photo opp.

Make it a play date
Call up some two- and four-legged friends and gather together for a day of excitement. Put out some human munchies as well as cesar® treats and meals all the dogs will enjoy. Depending on the weather, celebrate with a group walk.

Free hugs for all!
What’s better than hugs? They’re warm, fuzzy, happy, and best of all, free! So no matter the occasion, give the love right back with a big hug. It’s guaranteed to brighten the day.

Feel free to share your own gift ideas on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/cesar. Here’s to another year of hugs, kisses, and good wishes together!

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