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The Dachshund's Clownish Habits

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
The Dachshund's Clownish Habits
Ever wonder why certain Doxies behave the way they do? The Dachshund is one of the liveliest and most entertaining of all breeds.

The Dachshund is one of the liveliest and most entertaining of all breeds. Independent and outgoing, Doxies often display distinctive traits that can be traced back to their roots as a hunting dog. Here are some of the Dachshund's favorite habits.

Chasing: The Dachshund's name literally means "badger dog" because the breed was originally used to sniff out and chase badgers from their burrows. Dachshunds still love to chase anything and everything that moves. Their persistence usually means they won't stop until they're satisfied, which can make for an interesting afternoon for squirrels in the park.

Rolling: Instinctively, hunting dogs protect themselves by masking their scent so that prey can't find them. Which is why you may sometimes find your Dachshund rolling around on earthworms or dead bugs.

Chewing: Most dogs enjoy a chew toy, but Doxies really love sinking their choppers into one. Some Dachshunds have been known to remove all of the stuffing in a toy so that they can reach the squeaker. As hounds and hunters, Dachshunds were bred to chase and catch burrowing vermin, not retrieve them. So they instinctively want to tear the heart (or squeaker) out of a toy.

Digging: The hunting instinct makes the Dachshund an avid digger, even when indoors. You may find your Doxie tunneling through blankets, bed sheets, and your laundry.

To see Dachshunds at their comical best, consider a trip to the New York City Dachshund Friendship's Club when they have their costume parade and play date. Every April and October, more than 200 Doxies show up for this fun-filled event. Your favorite dog will enjoy hours of toys and games with other happy Dachshunds, while you take advantage of a hilarious photo op.

The New York parade has become so popular, similar Dachshund events are also being held in San Francisco and many other U.S. cities. Check for Doxie clubs in your area—and join in the fun!

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