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Camping With Your Dog

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Camping With Your Dog

Ahhh...the days of summer. Nothing sounds better than backyard cookouts, relaxing under the sun, and weekend getaways with your dog in tow. Dogs are natural lovers of the outdoors and they'd probably wag their tails eagerly at the sound of the word, "Camping!" But before heading out with your dog, tent, and sleeping bag, here are some things to take into consideration.

Call Ahead: A fair amount of campgrounds are becoming more and more dog friendly. But, it would be a wise idea to call ahead to make sure. As the old saying goes, "You never know."

Do Your Research: Where will you be going? Are the campsites packed tightly together, or will you be tenting in a more private setting? Is it kid-friendly, or is it a more "roughing it" type of place? These factors may or may not help you decide if it's wise to bring your dog along.

Be Considerate: Whether walking through town or among the trees and dirt paths, the same rules apply. Keep your dog on a leash when needed, and be sure to clean up after him. Check before your dog leaps into the designated swimming area in the lake. You never quite know who's patrolling around whether human or animal, so be sure to always use your best judgment.

Keep Him Hydrated: If you plan on bringing your dog on long hikes or if you'll be spending a good chunk of time in the sun, don't forget to bring along a portable water bowl and plenty of water. Take plenty of breaks so you can fully enjoy exploring the woods!

Bring the Meals and Treats: Don't forget to pack your dog's favorite cesar® meals and treats. Have a travel bowl? Even better!

Above all, enjoy a weekend away with your dog and family. Take in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, and think of some memorable campfire tales to share with everyone.

Don't forget to post your summer camping photos on our Facebook page at facebook.com/CesarCanineCuisine.

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