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New Year's Resolutions:
Goals to complete with your pooch this year.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014
New Year's Resolutions: Goals to complete with your pooch this year

The arrival of the New Year means rededicating yourself to old passions, realigning your priorities, and pursuing new goals. But every journey needs a companion, so why not bring your best friend along for the ride? Here are five New Year's Resolutions you can complete with your pooch this year to get outside and live life unleashed.

Visit Ten New Parks or Tails.

With New Year fitness goals everyone is dying to get outside and get active, so just imagine how your dogs feel! We all know our pooches love to get out and play, but keeping your pup in tip-top shape can be just as important for their long-term health as it is for yours. So make your best friend your workout partner too, by visiting ten new parks or trails together this year.

Take Them For A Walk, Everyday.

An active life is a happy life, but everyday obligations tend to get in the way of the people and pets we love to spend time with. Rededicate yourself to your pooch this New Year by making time and taking them for a walk, no matter how quickly, at least once per day. Not only will it bring you two closer, you’ll both be healthier too.

Learn A New Command.

Young dogs pick up new commands quickly, but don’t forget old dogs can learn new tricks too. As your new best buddies and you become old friends, it can be easy to forget the training that bonded you two in the first place. From roll-over to playing dead, even the simplest command can shake things up for you and your pup.

Make Them a Home Cooked Meal.

You aren't the only one who would love to eat healthier this year! Treat your dogs to the joy of a home cooked meal by adding some healthy new recipes to their diet.

Always Make Time For Puppy Love.

As we focus on the duties of day-to-day life, we often forget to relax and spend time with the ones we love. This is no different for our pets. This year be sure to paws, take a deep breath, and simply enjoy playing, petting, and cuddling with your pup. There’s nothing quite like puppy love.

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